Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anticipating Stucco

I am knitting away on the alpaca shawl......... about 27" long so far.

I am also practicing extreme weaving on the soysilk shawl! I am fighting Nyki for the rights to the loom! She has a very distinctive gleam when she tries to vie for my attention. It is both cute and horrid to see her race ahead of me to get there first and lay on the surface of the weaving. This is the underside of the weaving where it winds on the front roller. You can see the 'peal-out' marks Nyki leaves on the weaving-and after a bit of a battle to get her off, I must have begun on the wrong part of the weaving song because I eventually saw a goof in the pattern-there is not supposed to be an echo of the diamond (right above the peal out mark)........it is part of the shawl's story now and I am not going to go back and fix it. (It is 30" long now.)
Nyki has left her mark on this weaving!

The supplies for the stucco came today! Cement, metal screening, sand are piled in the front yard for easy access. The plan is for work to commence Thursday morning. Bill has quite a bit of work to do to get ready for them but he seems to work better with such deadlines. The temps are still in the low 100's so it does make for some interesting stamina work-outs. The crepe myrtles are in bloom-letting everyone know that it is summer here.

And with summer comes these nuisances.....they are 4" long! Bling, who loves to chase the normal sized grasshoppers doesn't mess with these guys! Even our neighbor's chickens won't eat these things! They do not linger here too long gratefully! Bling is in full summer mode-early morning and late evening hunting-sleep during the day.


  1. You must REALLY love your loom loving cat to put up with that. There is NO WAY I would let our animals near my work. The dog, who only comes to my room if no one else is home and he happens to be inside knows not to come any further than the doorway. Stucco is going to look nice when all done!

  2. Naughty, naughty Nyki (I'm sure she's not sorry)...but the weaving is beautiful despite her interference!

    Exciting to see another big phase of the house starting...

  3. Oh please send some summer my way! I'm so tired of grey skies and now I'm half on vacation I want to sit in the sun!!

    Of course, it is winter here in the southern hemisphere!


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