Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stucco Delay.....But It's Okay!

The stucco crew isn't coming until tomorrow so it gave us an extra day to get ready and Bill outdid himself! (Didn't I say he did well with a deadline!)
Bill started in taking the old single pain, aluminum framed window out of the bedroom in the original part of the house.
See how much better the new one looks? (Yup, that's me reflected in the pic!) The new thermal window immediately reduced the heat of the eastern sun shining in the room!
After a lunch break (waldorf chicken sandwich in a wrap!) which gave a welcome break from the heat (95 F) , it was on to the bathroom window.
Out with the old........
In with the good to have a new, clean and usable window in there-the whole room sighed with joy! [The spot on the wall is only a lens isn't really there!]
I got the clean-up duties and put the rooms back in order drill--what a joy to complete this job!

Thanks to God for protecting Bill when the window shattered upon its removal-he only got a few tiny shards with just a few drops of blood. Renovations are not for cowards!
Nyki and I did a lot of gopher work and a lot of this...........
Nyki brings me her mousie to me and then runs to the south addition and assumes this pose.......
..............just waiting for me to throw the mousie so she can retrieve it and bring it back to me for another throw! For hours.....and hours!


  1. How good to have that job behind you!

  2. Nice that the windows help to keep the house cooler by even a bit! Glad that your hubby wasn't hurt seriously with the broken glass.

  3. In the movie "An American Tail", a female cat says: "I want a cat who's more like a dog." - she should meet Nyki [except, of course, she was looking for a fella!]

    Glad Bill's okay - PTL.


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