Saturday, June 6, 2009

Savoring Sight

I finished my Rona shawl -here it is just off the needles at only a 36" diameter. I started this first Pi shawl project last June-ONE WHOLE YEAR AGO! I never take that long to knit something but I benched this several times when I got frustrated with it but with the encouragement of good friends, I perservered! This is a triumph for all of us!
Nyki approves the new..... cat mat but only got to enjoy it for a minute because she graced it with a wet mousie (fake one) within minutes, so the shawl went right into a basin for its warm water soak prior to blocking.
I put it in the dryer to spin out and then laid my cardboard sewing mat on the diningroom table, covered it with a plastic tablecloth and began to pin out the shawl. Think 48 repeats of seven loops on each and you get the idea-that is a lot of will be worth it! The shawl blocks out at 52"-quite impressive how the pattern blooms as you pull out the shawl. As the shawl lay drying, I turned my thoughts to conquering the warping of the new loom. Since I have learned that you have to be warped to weave, I just applied what I had learned on my rigid heddle loom and it worked! I used the simplest of 1,2,3,4 threading because I decided to follow my own teaching advice and start simple and get to know my new activity before I get too fancy(it is good to take your own advice whether you are trying knitting, sewing, quilting , spinning or dyeing!) Using some leftover cotton yarns, I began my plain weave tablerunner I told Matthew I would make for him. As with spinning, I found that I knew what to do quite instinctively----it is pure delight to treadle, throw the shuttle, release the treadle, beat the weft, change the treadle, throw the shuttle and so on.......the rhythm just flows!
I found that I didn't like the end feed shuttle like I thought I would, changed it to the Harrisville boat shuttle and wow, I could really fly! The nubby yarn I am using went through much better with this shuttle. I sat and watched the news while I hand wound 6 bobbins (pirns)-not as troublesome as I was afraid that would be either-I actually enjoyed each step of the process!

There is no lighting in the south addition where the loom now resides (temporarily) but as it is by the window I could weave until 8:00 pm which was pretty late for me anyway. Here is what I got done just this evening!
The medicinal drops for my eyes make my head ache, my sinuses run and leaves a general irritated feeling BUT I can see so much better so I keep myself distracted........what an adventure!


  1. Congratulations on finishing the shawl. It's beautiful! I haven't done a circle (yet), but I've heard they have some unique challenges.

  2. You are SOOO productive! I would have rested my my laurels after blocking that beautiful shawl but not you...on to the new loom! UGH on all the side effects of the eye drops.

  3. The shawl is beautiful.....and it was nice of you to share it with your cat for a few minutes!!

    That's great that you're weaving up a storm!! Isn't a floor loom wonderful?

    I recently borrowed a friend's end feed shuttle, and didn't like it at first, but after a while it felt like it was faster than my regular shuttle. (I was using smooth yarn though - I'm not sure what it would have done with nubby yarn!)

    Weave on!


  4. Victories all!!! I'm singing the "I'm proud of you" song! :)

  5. I love the magic of blocking!

  6. Your Rona shawl turned out beautiful. I've got that pattern myself somewhere...ought to give it a try. :)

    Weaving is such an amazing skill! It always looks so intimidating--weavers must be very determined people. :)

  7. Ah, I see that you are a new weaver. Glad to have found you from your comment on my blog. Welcome! I also knit, but weaving is my primary fiber addiction.


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