Friday, June 5, 2009

You Just Never Know

Since I arrived home, I have complained of the atmosphere of the house looking smokey. Bill says he doesn't see anything. I do.

At night the lights had the strangest halo and still he couldn't see what I was talking about. I kept cleaning my glasses and trying to ignore it. No pain-no concerns, right?!

The house kept filling with 'smoke' and the lights were so bothersome I finally went to google these strange symptoms..........I called the doctor first thing Friday morning and they said I needed to be seen. Seems I have something called 'angle closure glaucoma'-who would have thought! After a battery of drops and lights to see into my eyes we left for home with a perscription for steroids/antibiotic drops.

I am so profoundly grateful to God that a bit of laser surgery come Monday morning should alleviate the pressure so I will not be in danger again of losing my eyesight! Selah............that little word in the Psalms is used when a thought that is too wondrous has been penned and you are to stop and savor it. That would perfectly describe the state I am in.............selah.

The drops beat back the smokey view and I am working my way around the shawl......taking it off the needles with a crochet edging that is pretty but a bit of awkardness to execute-but I can see what I am doing and so my needle flies!

(No picture today for two reasons.........a glimmer of life without sight and the fact that I have misplaced my camera!) ............Laughter is appropriate.


  1. We'll be praying for the surgery to be successful!

  2. Selah indeed -- we are so thankful for God's mercy...

  3. Wow! Did it come on all of a sudden?? Yes, Praise God that it is something that can be corrected. I'll also pray for a successful surgery.

  4. Oh dear. That seems sudden! Just as well God is on His throne...


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