Thursday, June 18, 2009


I worked forever but I finally finished the warping of the loom for the soysilk shawl! I did need to lock Nyki away for a while because her help almost sabotaged the whole threading of the heddles but I managed it eventually!
I worked an inch of plain weave and executed my first row of hemstitching. A thanks to my handy copy of Handwoven magazine.
Then I began my actual weaving. It works! Talk about the love of numbers........see the post it note? It has my key for treadling the pattern-4-3-2-3-4-1-4-3-2-1-2-3-4. My daughter and I talk about our OCD's when it comes to numbers-if you really suffer from this syndrome, my apologies, but numbers do have a calming affect on us and at the same time they do try to rule.........knitting has always give this an outlet and now I find, weaving, gives them a voice, too, and it made me smile as I wove and thought about it! See the diamonds? See the shine? The soysilk is slippery and does have some more draw in than the wool or cotton I have used but it is giving me just the look I imagined when I conceived this shawl. Yippee!
I am still limited on my 'up' time so when I hit the couch again, I hand wound several bobbins with the yarn. I am pleased how far each bobbin goes with the actual weaving.......but it is a mindless kind of chore and I didn't mind doing it at all-which is a good thing! As I have another 6 skeins to go! This is what we had for supper-fresh, second cuts from our cabbage plants. We have never seen this before but all the plants produced a second head-they were small and tender! (We slice them up, fry them down and add slices of keilbasa for a very good polish dish!)


  1. Wow - the shawl is looking great!! Glad it's working out well for you!!

    I must be hungry....because cabbage isn't usually something that looks delicious to me, but those mini cabbages definitely do!


  2. The pattern is beautiful! ...and the luster of the yarn shows even in the picture.

    I was going to write 'come and eat' in polish, but I can only say it and have no idea how to spell it. :( Oh well, the kielbasa/cabbage sounds wonderful!

  3. You are very brave to weave with soysilk. Not too many have gone that way yet. It looks really beautiful. I'll bet it's even more beautiful when it's off the loom, washed and pressed. I'm looking forward to more pictures

  4. The diamond patterns are beautiful.
    Sorry to say I don't know what soysilk is, but the shawl looks like a true work of love.

  5. Even as an "invalid" you give us all a run for our money!! LOL

  6. Just by the look on her face, I can see how much help she wants to be.
    The pattern and your weaving are SO beautiful on this piece. (But, now, I'm going to have that treadling sequence going through my head like a bad song from the radio!)

  7. The cabbage is gorgeous forget the weaving lets eat


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