Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am a Floor Loom Weaver!

I pulled the shawl off the loom after hemstitching the other end! It is beautiful in all its beginner glory. Nyki was helpful to the very end.........she liked it when I was doing the hemstitching because she wasn't getting spanked for jamming up the shafts during weaving! Here is a close-up of the weave structure. It is called a Bird's Eye twill from the book A handweavers's Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davison (pg 20 , pattern IV) for four shaft looms. The color variations of the warp gave just the right shading I envisioned! The weight and length are perfect to wrap around! ( 7' long and 18" wide! not counting the fringe which is 6" at each end) See the ownership battle being waged?!
On to the fringe.........I did a twisted fringe so that it is weightier to match the drape of the soysilk. I haven't used this kind of finish on any of my weavings yet but got the hang of it pretty quickly; it took 45 minutes of TV news to finish each end of the shawl. (Nyki laid on the other end the whole time I twisted my strands......)
I think this will conclude the weaving with Soysilk for a number of reasons......on the positive, the sheen and drape are excellent but the negative is that the silk is slippery against the warp and shifts too easily which means that it catches easily and will need constant 'fixing' when it is worn. Over all I am pleased with the experiment though.

I moved from soy to plastic and put up moldings for the garage door and the side entry for the garage with Bill. Pretty easy job with the right tools. (chop saw, drill and a tape measure)
Bill put the foil tar tape around each of the windows and doors around the house-another part of the 'hurricane-proofing' code. Bring on the stucco crew!


  1. The shawl is breathtaking even in a picture -- I can't wait to see it in person (put it in the 'go to Georgia' pile, please!). I love the picture of Nyki, too -- what a wicked gleam in her eye -- that one may be one to frame and hang near your loom once you have real walls!

    Glad you both conquered the prep work; I can hardly wait to see the stucco in progress!

  2. Can't wait to see the results of the stucco progress and the shawl is just beautiful! :o)

  3. The shawl is beautiful, the kitten is cute and the renovations are progressing nicely! Ah, what a wonderful world!

  4. The shawl looks great!!! Congrats!

    I'm so glad my dog doesn't jump on my loom! (Even though when cats do it, it is very cute to look at!!)

    Good luck with the stucco!


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