Saturday, January 16, 2010

Its Good

I picked up stitches around the hairpin lace length (20") and made a fact I made two hats!  Mom and I had fun learning another technique.  It might be a good way to use up some scraps for an afghan, too.

As for knitting, I am working to finish the orange socks and the two shawls that are on the needles-and to think I only used to knit one project at a time!  I am nearing the end of the blue dishtowel which is on the loom.

Nyki likes to steal Bill's seat when he gets up, it is extra warm with his heating pad which he uses for his shoulder.  Doesn't she look like a pampered pet!  (She is!)

Bill and I are off to go dryer shopping with Dad and Mom and then out to dinner. 


  1. The hat looks great! Love the color.

    Good luck with shopping & have a good dinner! We're going out to dinner tonight too! Wahoo!


  2. What a great idea - and a lovely hat too.

  3. Looks like your construction is making progress! Both with the hat & the house!

    Love the crazy cat photo. Mine always takes Warren's seat when he gets up too. Men thow off more heat I think! Did you say there was a heating pad there too? That would make it irresistable to a cat!

  4. Not been on your blog for a while so I've had a good read. Love your extension, all that space, lovely.

    Your blue hat looks good, not seen that sort of stitch before.

    And snow, looks like its been extra cold everywhere as over here its been bad too.

    Love all your crafts, you do so many and they are all lovely.

  5. I've never tried hair-pin lace before. It looks intriguing (smack! I do not need another hobby!). :)

    I love the way it looks on the hat, though - nice and lacy!

  6. It's always great to have a new project live up to your expectations!

    Nyki looks quite smug...


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