Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good News/Bad News!

I ordered a pirn winder for weaving; a Schact for single or double ended arrived without a shaft for winding my single ended pirns. (HalcyonYarns has wonderful customer service and the part is on its way to me.)  I kind of, sort of got it to wind two is going to be a great asset as I wound one in less than  a minute when it takes 5 minutes to do so by hand.

I cut the corner off of a block I embroidered for my friend. (She had cut the block oversized so I think we can salvage the block.)

The new washer/dryer  arrived!  The washer didn't come with all its parts. Bill  and I removed the old washer and dryer and now he has to bring the old one back in and hook it up again! 

   (A replacement comes next week.) Nyki approves the new dryer.

I misunderstood the closing date for our loan.  We missed it.  (They were able to reschedule for Thursday!)

I did finish the pair of Targhee socks, without mishap and stabbed no one with the needle. 

It was one of those days.


  1. Oh, those days are funny when they happen to someone else...! Sorry you had one; glad you survived it!

    The color of those socks is luscious.

  2. y winder didn't come with a shaft for a single, either. But, I'm wondering about yours. Are the rods tapped in securely? They should be more horizontal. This is mine:

  3. ach, one of those black days, where one can be glad to escape them without injury:(( look on the bright side: it can only get better -and at least you have one pair of socks more:))

  4. I use my husbands cordless drill for winding my bobbins. It is so easy and effective, that my bobbin winder goes unused.
    Love the socks. Handspun? Right?

  5. Congrats on the new dryer (and soon the new washer)! Woohoo!!!

    For the rest, just take a deep breath... :)

  6. Oh dear! But, as Marsel said, glad you survived it.seratal

  7. That's so weird that you had a series of mix-ups all at once. (In November I had a bizarre string of electrical problems, including a dead washing machine. We joke that sometimes my polarity sometimes causes everything in the house to malfunction. It is so weird when that happens.)

    I've had incomplete items from Halcyon before too. They are great when it happens, but it sounds like it happens more than it should.

    Since I'm reading this so late, I know your loan is all squared away. Phew!



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