Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Color and Texture

Picking out color statuated choices for our new rooms............and doing the math to have the paint tinted accordingly.

The men put the knockdown on the ceiling (textured mud) and it looks just like I imagined it would!

and orange peel (another texture) on the walls.

Here is a close-up of the wall.  See the resemblance to an orange peel?!

Mom and I each worked to cut out fabric for a quilt.  I forgot a pic of her's so I will get it next time.
Mine is a kit I had bought a while ago from Timeless Treasures, 32 batik fat quarters.

The camillias look like they had been killed by the freezing temps but a whole new set of buds have opened and the bush is brilliant all over again!

Even the fussy pink one has brought out tons of new blooms.  It is so good to see color again with so much brown evidenced by the cold.  Today Mom and I sat out and had lunch on the back patio.  We soaked up the warmth like a couple of solar panels!

While we were playing with fabric at my house, Dad was working to install a dryer in the spare bedroom for 
Mom!  She had a new washer put in a few years ago but has really missed the dryer part of the laundry day.
Since installing a dryer requires a bit more work (think wiring and venting) picking out the dryer was the easy part.

Dad has to vent the dryer out the old trailer part of the house which means he has to work around the curve of the structure and remove the skirting to have access. 

Then he has to run the wiring under the trailer from the pole and fish it up through the hole in the floor.
It is a smart wife who leaves the area when she has generated such a task.  It is good to be retired, right Dad?!

I will be finishing this sock and beginning the second one tonight .


  1. Those flowers are so beautiful! Just what I needed to see tonight!


  2. Wow! The ceiling/walls look great!

    Glad the flowers are in bloom again...batik, imagine you choosing batik?!...the colors of the sock are very pretty.

    As for the dryer, your 'smart wife' comment is very funny. I can imagine how high Grandpa's eyebrows must have gone at certain aspects of this project...! Sure will be nice for Gram to be able to dry laundry on rainy days, though.

  3. my camellia (inside the porch) just opened the first two buds as well:)) and I am always amazed about how different dryers and washing machines look elsewhere... and I agree - vanishing after asking for a job like this - seems sensible (if only to avoid listening to the cursing:))

  4. So glad to see flowers! Nice, bright and cheerful.

    Tell you mom congrats for me. I, too, know what it is like to go without a dryer.

    I can hardly wait to see what colors your walls are going to be. That was my favorite part of painting the rooms of our house this year.

  5. Your hands are always busy, aren't they! I guess you've needed those warm socks lately. My oldest sister is in FLorida right now, & reports that
    s she's had to layer on the sweatshirts because she didn't bring her winter coat along.

    Your construction looks like it's moving fast.

    I look forward to see the quilt progress.

    Thanks as always for stopping by & leaving your kind comments. They are always appreciated!

  6. As soon as I saw the paint chip catalog I had to giggle, my eldest works for SW and I know that catalog very well. The camillia is a great color.

  7. Interesting textures. Have fun picking colours.


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