Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Typical Kind of Day

The washer and dryer were delivered and hooked up with relative ease.......but our wiring is not up to snuff for the dryer and Bill has to make some adjustments!  I pushed the button to start the dryer and heard a loud pop and flash and arching sparking! I was so grateful the Lord protected me from death by electrocution! Bill found the mistake in the wiring.  He has had to make changes to most of the wiring in the existing house, let alone run a mile of wiring in the additions!  He is a pro now if he wasn't before!  (He and Dad finished Mom's dryer hook up today, too!)  Thanks, Bill; he just yelled he fixed the problem!

These are the quilt blocks Mom cut out the other is going to be a very pretty twin sized quilt.

My neighbor gave me a fun little pkg of Fimo clay-I baked a few as buttons and the others will be used for necklaces.  It was fun but too quick; I am going to look for some more little packages when I get to a JoAnns store next week!

I started the next dishtowel, this one is for Marsel.  I have blended two patterns so this one will have a colored band on each end.  ( from Handweaver's Pattern Directory, page 39 bottom of page )

This afternoon, Mom and I went to the ladies group to make some more of the sleeping bags/tied quilts for the homeless shelter.  It was good to see friends we haven't seen for a year!  Good laughs, catching-up and being part of a long line of ladies charity work; a nice way to spend the afternoon.

We shared a dinner with Mom and Dad tonight and then played 3 rousing games of Wahoo; the ladies are the night's winners!

(Yes, we had a busy day of storms in Florida but here,  we just had a variety of rain/thunder storms and no real threats of tornadoes.  Matthew did miss one by a few hours while making deliveries today and was a little disappointed (think frustrated storm chaser) but I wasn't!  They did get to have some powerful thunder and lightening storms today.)


  1. Lotsa stuff happening at your house, as is typical! So nice to see the fabrics turning into a quilt...and my dishtowel is already lovely!

    Glad the ladies won tonight...get it right, right from the beginning, this year...!

  2. I don't know which I like best - your mom's quilt or the dishtowel you are weaving. I'll have to look at page 39.

    Yes, Praise God you weren't elctrocuted!

  3. A close call I'd say!! I like the quilt blocks really cute and those button are great. Was it easy to work with the Fimo? I've never done anything with it but would love to try.

  4. Yay for the washer and dryer! (Although the scary near-electrocution story....yikes!)

    Love the quilt fabrics. They remind me of summers during my childhood for some reason.

    As usual, you've got lots of good stuff going on. Great job with the fimo & the dishtowels look great too. I so wish I could reach through the computer and actually touch the towels!


  5. The clay button are lovely. And good luck with the electrics...!

  6. Life is always interesting when things are under construction! Good thing you didn't get zapped! A 220 jolt could've stopped your heart!

    Your mom's quilt is so sweet & femminine. Love the weaving too!

    You never sit still, do you!

    Thanks for the vote on my trim debate. The wood was my choice too!
    I think you've all made hime see the light!

  7. PTL for protection against laundry room accidents!

    We hang our washing outside all year round - I rarely use our dryer (which is mounted on the wall).

  8. I love the rose quilt and you did an awesome job on those buttons! Megan is really talented with that clay :-)


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