Monday, January 18, 2010

Cleaning and Knitting

I finished clue three of the mystery shawl I am knitting.  This one really challenged me which is a different kind of project than ...

my basic socks which I enjoy to unwind.  (My hands know what to do by themselves with very little mental output!)
I am almost done with the dishtowel for Mom.  It has been a good primer for using a floating warp.  I need to pick out the next dishtowel pattern.......

We cleaned up some of the sheetrock detritus; that stuff is a misery of dust!  I swept up all the rooms to try to reduce some of the stuff Nyki has tracked all over the house-evidenced by little kitty pawprints! 
I think that it is almost impossible until they are done.

But the men at back to work today and it is exciting to have tangible progress on the grounds!


  1. All very different projects; all pretty...a fun array of colors etc.

    I can hardly wait to come see the transformation!

  2. I love the sox, I've been trying to learn how to do them toe up, but I haven't had any luck. I have to get myself a book or something. Love the dish towel. As for the sheetrock debris, it's almost impossible to get rid of while the construction is going on and it hides in the corners of everything. I don't envy the clean up, but it will be worth it.

  3. That mystery shawl looks really interesting. I can't imagine how one can knit something without having all the directions in place from the start.

  4. Can you explain the whole mystery shawl concept to me? Clues? Week three?

  5. Nope. You can't clean up sheetrock dust until it's done. You can remove a layer or two and make the process somewhat more endurable, but it will not be clean until the last piece of sandpaper has been set aside and the last "workerman" has gone away. But . . . it will most definitely be worth the trouble!! :o) So excited for you!

  6. Three great projects....well, four really if we count the sheetrock!

    The mystery shawl sounds fun!


  7. I have that same template. It is on my "hope to make" list for this year. I have been buying fat quarters in unique batiks for it. I wait anxiously for your progress. K

  8. It is always exciting choosing new colours, but I don't know about you, it takes me ages to make my mind up!

  9. Eek! What a mess!! (sheetrock dust I mean!!)

    Lovely knitting.


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