Thursday, February 25, 2010

Colors of February-Florida Style

Florida plum tree is in full bloom and the bees are so happy!
We have recouperating citrus trees.
And very sad citrus trees. ( Tangerines all rotten.)
The Christmas berry bushes are in full berry.
The sago palms have taken a hit but after a good pruning, they will bounce back this year.
The azaleas are blooming right on schedule. 
The camellias are still in full bloom!  They began blooming in December and despite the many hard frosts they have perservered in their bloom season.
The koonti ferns are doing their Spring thing!
The bamboo are always a visual delight!
I don't know what these little wildflowers are but they sure are pretty.
The robins are prolonging their winter stay.  I think we should judge the length of winter by their stay instead of the woodchuck's shadow!  Since this is the coldest February in Florida history, I would say their presence is an excellent marker of the cold spell the Eastern United States is experiencing!

Give her blog a look for the tour.


  1. Ooo! Signs of Spring approaching if ever I saw any!

  2. It is so nice to see green plants, flowers, birds, fruit! (Even the sad tangerine).

    We're coming to the end of 2 days of solid rain - very unusual for us, especially in February.

    Thanks for showing us your colors!


  3. Wow! I'd just be happy if my trees had leaves.


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