Monday, February 22, 2010

Being Grandparents is Grand

We have the kids for the week while Marsel spends a few days on a mission of mercy.  This morning was warm and sunny-welcome back Florida! 

I also had the pleasure of  doing their schooling this morning ( they are homeschooled.) 
Abigail enjoyed a bit of mud pie fun just as the the sprinkles hit.
I made two window shades for the kids room.  I hope I have the hang of it now, because I have a lot of windows to go!
Bill , Dad and David finished the backyard just as the rains hit.  Dinner is out of the way, we are going to watch Toby Tyler (old Disney movie) and then head for bed!


  1. I miss my babies!!! But I'm glad they're in good hands and I know they're thoroughly enjoying themselves.

    I can't believe you got two window shades done already -- they look great!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. I think the kids have grown since they left. Please say hello to them from me, and give them my love and hugs and kisses. Ask them if they remember the "Hello Boonie" story we read shortly before they left? (It's actually Hello, Bunny, but Abigail gave great response to repeated intentional mispronunciation.) Have a wonderful time with them, and with Marsel when she's able to be back with you. And I think the shades, and the house as well, look great.

  3. Are the shades you made roll up shades? If they are I didn't know you could make those. The grandkids look so happy enjoying their time.

  4. Everytime I visit your blog I am always amazed at all the hard work you and your family do! The house is coming along wonderfully and I can barely wait to see it finished:)


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