Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It is Lookin' Like Home!

While the men layed the floor in the family room/kitchen, we moved our new (CraigsList) bedroom set into our room and the cats put their stamp of approval on the arrangements!  Mom, Dad and I cleaned, vacuumed and waxed the set and transferred from the old into the new all day!  Can't wait to sleep here tonight!
Bill and Dad moved to the backyard to move the sewer pipes over so they will not be in the pool-to-be  area!  They will be working on this for a while.........they found 3 old point wells (pipes) and accidentally cut into the second bathroom pipes.......always interesting when you dig!  (Dad is feeling better from his cold but not up to snuff yet)
After dinner (a sub 'cuz I still don't have a kitchen!),
we moved the appliances back into the kitchen, reclaimed the diningroom and.......
.....made the family room again! It is really shaping up around here!


  1. I can feel the excitement mounting!

  2. I am soooooooo jealous of all your home improvements. I love do those kinds of things. It all looks so great.

  3. Not a bad deal from Craig's list!

  4. oooooh...I LOVE all the color and what a deal you got on the beadroom suite! Beautiful!
    Love ya...


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