Thursday, April 22, 2010

Butterfly Rainforest

I went with friends today for a field trip to Gainesville University to visit the display called the Butterfly  Rainforest.  It was just too full of wonder for words!
It is hard to describe how magical it is to have the butterflies floating all around you!  I could not catch them in flight but did get a bunch of them while on the abundance of flowers. 
To add to the beauty of it all, there is flowing water and koi fish, turtles and sunfish to watch.
The flowers are beautiful and so colorful even without the butterflies!
Orchids are so tropical!
You had to look carefully to see if it is blossom or butterfly!
And when one lands on you.........well, it is something special.
We had these brochures to help us identify what we were seeing....this guy checked out his neighbors, too.
The outside garden was pretty, too, but not quite in its fullest bloom except for the water lilies.
On the way home, we saw that our neighborhood fruit and vegetable stand is open again!  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow!
(If there are enough left, that is!  It is hard not to nibble one everytime you walk by!)


  1. So glad you had such a nice day!

    The strawberries look delectable...I'd like a big handful, thank you!

  2. This looks like such a fun place. And what glorious butterflies. And flowers. The photos are appreciated! (Now to go find some strawberries for us too :)

  3. hm, the strawbs look good enough to jump right in:)) and I love standing in a butterfly house surrounded by those wings... why is it that the flight of butterflies is somehow soothing, when every fly drives me insane?

  4. Spring is in the air!

    Lovely photos - thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, must have been a wonderful place to visit. Strawberries look great.


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