Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here we go 'round the mulberry bush...........
They sure do grow much bigger here than on the tree we had up north!   Most of the ripe ones are as big as my thumb!  This tree resides at a friend's house but we have plans to plant one out back by the pond area.  (The birds love these trees, too, and they leave proof of their appreciation all over your house/vehicles! 
Sure does smell good-yup, jam cooking on the stove!
All lids sealed-love to count those pops!
I have long had this idea in my head, a bamboo trellis, and it turned out as beautifully as I had hoped. 
 The construction is a very fast work, so I will be making a bunch of these!  This will eventually be going in the pool area but for now it is going to help support the new wisteria I am starting!  And then I want some by my roses....
Speaking of the pool area, we have this going on in the backyard.
And this evening they had it connected to the house!
It is coming just in time because the beautiful breeze and the newly leafing LiveOaks are making for a very messy pool bottom!
Gotta love the internet; I was able to find a source for the discontinued skein of lace yarn!  It is on its way to me already!  In the meantime, I am working on this-I have plenty of extra yarn so no worries in that regard this time!
(Luna Limberlost mystery shawl)


  1. It's hard when you have so many interesting things in a post and I want to comment on them all! :)

    I love the picture of the underside of the mulberry tree...the play of light and color is so pretty. I can't wait to taste the mulberry jam!

    The bamboo trellis came out great! Isn't it nice to see a long-held idea come to fruition...and to have it turn out as wonderful as you pictured, too.

    The look of the pool has changed yet again with the addition of the'll be nice to have a clean pool (sans leaves) and it'll be especially nice to have an insect-free swimming area this summer!

    Exciting stuff!

  2. The jam looks SO good!
    Love the pool cover/roof and hope that helps with the leaf debris.
    What a great trellis! Those will be nice around the pool area.

  3. What is your recipe for mulberry jam? There are some trees on my property and I'd love to have a recipe to try with them!

  4. Thanks for sharing all your latest projects. Sometimes you make me tired just thinking about keeping up with you. Love Mom

  5. My, my, my! It's never stop at your place is it? ;-)

  6. Love the bamboo trellis-I might just try that one! And the covered pool area...when can I come visit?? Love it.

  7. A covered pool sounds perfect today! (It's hot here too surprisingly!!)

    I didn't know you could make mulberry jam. We actually have a mulberry in the yard. I'm not sure it has ever produced berries though, but I'll be on the lookout for them this year.

    Glad you could find the yarn you needed. I'm somewhat famous for nationwide yarn searches. I try to always buy extra....but that doesn't always work out!


  8. It is fun to listen for the pops during canning! What an amazing addition to have a covered pool in your own backyard! I know you will enjoy it! :-)

  9. So you grow bamboo there, too?

    Gee, your house is going to be a nice resort when you get it done. When will you be open to guests? ;)


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