Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving Day #1

                               Good bye to the old house.........
                                Hello to the new apartment community!
Come on in!
Everything has to go upstairs.......
View from the front window.
Settled in.....mostly!  The apartment is new, clean and close to work; just right for this time of his life.
I worked on knitting on the two hour drive to Lake City, progress on the lace shawl is slow-over one thousand stitches each row, but I will conquer!  Too tired to knit on the way home......what a great day!


  1. So glad he's all settled in...thanks for sharing pictures so we can picture him in his new place. :)

    The shawl wad looks bigger than it did in the last picture of it, so you must be making progress!

  2. What a pretty apartment and complex. Nice new setting for him.
    Smart of you to knit in the car. I am going to try stitching bindings in the car this week and hopefully like it.

  3. Nice apartment, but you can tell it belongs to a male - look at the size of that TV! I think it is larger than my dorm room in college was.

  4. I symapthise with 1000 stitches - my blanket in my last post had 1000+ stitches around (in DK weight) and purling rounds took forever!

    Good luck to Matthew in the new apartment. Looks nice.


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