Monday, April 26, 2010


I started out he day with another batch of strawberry jam.  We had bought some new jars and they really helped the whole process along.  I was much more coordinated on the whole canning dance this morning.  The whole house smelled so good!
After cleaning up the kitchen, I moved on to the sewing room.  I have two of the four bedroom windows shaded!  Quite by accident, I matched the patterns of both panels!  There is plenty of material to be sure and do that on the other two also.
Fresh radishes for dinner tonight!  The garden is coming along just fine.  The rain we got yesterday gave immediate results.
Some leaves off a cactus rose.....yes, Dad, your cactus rose is doing wonderfully and still has a little flower left on it.  I hope to make some new ones from these leaves Bill knocked off by accident. 
 (This plant has grown from one little rose-have I mentioned my dad has a green thumb, well, two green thumbs!)
While knitting away , I notice this..........and that sinking feeling that only knitters experience when there are 10 more pattern rows and 10 more knit rows and not enough yarn to finish the shawl. 
Saga to be continued.


  1. 'Hooray' on the delicious-looking jars of jam, and the perfectly-aligned shades, and the pretty plant...'boo' to the yarn quandary!!!

  2. The jam looks fantatic, that bright red always draws me in. I know the feeling your having with the knitting it's awful and panicky, especially if the piece is intricate. I hope you have a source to get more yarn!

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  4. Those jars of strawberry jam look so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ooo, I had that sinking feeling on your behalf! As soon as I saw the photo I knew what was coming!

  6. What yarn is it??? We will find you more...

    The jam looks like it smells beautiful in your house, that is the best part of cooking jam, if you could only bottle the smell...

    The shades are absolutely perfect in that room!

  7. The shades look beautiful! Isn't it wonderful when "accidents" in sewing look like they took lots of time to plan!

    Karen Sampson


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