Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sliding Through a Saturday

I dyed another crockpot batch of wool-this time I used the wool/silk skein from KnitPicks.
After whipping the house into shape, I went to the sewing room.  I made a larger version of the portapockets.  Also , a checkbook cover and a coupon organizer. 
I love the space these things organize!  I made this without looking at the directions once until I got fed up with the mistakes I was making and had to regroup with the instructions to move ahead! 
Bill and I worked until 2pm and then met for an hour's relaxation in the pool!  Oh, it is a dream coming true!
We have been collecting quite a few cats again.  This little cat always causes us to check her out- "Is it Nyki?!"  She was pregnant, has obviously delivered, (has full teats) but she is not away from our porch much to be taking care of them.  We have looked but haven't found a litter nearby.  Time will tell.  She is very skittish but warming up to our conversations toward her.
This is Stubby, who has made himself right at home in the front yard.  He always teases to be petted.  For a tom, he is a pretty mellow fellow.
Nyki is talking back to me;  conversations indeed! She doesn't like it when we use our kitty voice toward the front porch cats!


  1. The organizers look great! And, um, the next time you decide to "whip through" your house, do you wanna pop in and help me do mine? :-)

  2. A swim is definitely a nice reward for your labors!

    I love the look on Nyki's face -- she can be a petulant little thing when Mother is paying attention to anyone else (regardless of whether they have fur or not)!

  3. Nyki looks very cross indeed!

    The pool in use - and look at that clear water!

  4. I love the look on Nyki's face while she's talking to you. I wonder about the poor kittie who was pregnant. I wonder about her babies, too.

  5. Your yarn is beautiful, and it matches the lining of your port-a-pocket, which also looks great (it also reminds me I have the pattern and should be making one up too)!

  6. Oh wow, that method of yarn dyeing is really interesting. Does the dye really go all the way through? That's pretty cool!

    Glad the neighborhood cats have someone watching out for them.

  7. Finally in the pool!! WAHOOOO!

  8. Awesome sewing skills!! Very impressive without looking at the pattern much. (I'd be impressed even if you were looking at the pattern actually!)

    I've saved an old crockpot for dyeing, but haven't tried it yet. Good to see someone else thinking along those lines!



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