Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Move #2

Today we moved Caleb from the  house he and Matthew shared, to his own apartment just across town.
We didn't have a UHaul this time so we loaded up the truck and trailer for two trips and took a full trailer and truckload back to our house as there just wasn't enough room for all his furniture! 
Caleb's apartment is on the second floor.  Which wouldn't be the end of the world but for the stairs that are narrow and then do this.........
Another 90 degree turn!  It made for some crazy manuevering!
The couch and loveseat were a real challenge.
In fact the couch got up so far and the wouldn't fit for the last turn at the apartment door and so they had to bring it back down the stairs and ....
.....yup, saw off the legs!  It was the only way to make it fit!  Caleb will be making a trip to Lowe's to buy some chunks of wood to use for legs now!
What a great way to spend a day!
We saw these pretty wildflowers growing along the side of the road on the way home-well, we just couldn't resist! 


  1. How many Minotas does it take to get a beloved big old couch up the stairs...?!

    His new place looks great...thanks for sharing!

  2. Bet you and Bill slept well last night!

    DD's apartment is on the fourth floor. WM and SIL had to carry everything through the security door, across the courtyard, down a narrow corridor, up in the lift, down two more narrow corridors, in the front door and make a hard left down a flight of fourteen steps into the apartment! Yep, that's right - stairs from the front door to the apartment proper! Crazy! But SIL's parents own the unit and the rent is cheap so what can I say! WM has warned them to get a removalist when they move out!! LOL

  3. Can't say these boys don't give you adventures. Wish we had been there to help! Love Mom


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