Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Accomplishments

We have a pool filtration system!  Bill has to hook up the actual electrical connection but it is ready for him now.
The accent tiles are glued in place.  The actual pool finish, called diamond brite, will be applied next week. 
It is a very shiny white with cobalt blue sparkles in it.  Stay tuned....
Bill worked on his sprinkler system for the front yard.  He got all the pipes run and now just has to fine tune the sprinkler heads.
I cleaned house after the kids left this morning.  :'(
Then I pieced the quilt for my bedroom.  Well, more of the blocks anyway.  See how the browns are starting to give the impression of circles.  It is good.


  1. Hooray for the pool being so close to ready!!!

    The quilt is so beautiful...funny how even just a few more blocks makes it look so much more intricate.

  2. I love the way every day brings changes in your environment - externally and craft-wise.

    I have been working on the same afghan for what seems like forever (Ravelry says I started on Feb 26, so it has been a little over six weeks) but I am within 5,000 stitches of being finshed (then I have all the ends to weave in). I will knit again while watching Songs of Praise at 3pm!

  3. That's a good-looking quilt top--pink and brown look great together, and the design is strongly geometric!

  4. Oh, cool! I see the circles in the quilt! I love the optical illusions you get with quilt patterns.


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