Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Piles and Pools

Early this morning the crew came to put the diamond brite finish on the pool .
 They set up their hopper and mixer and got right to work. 
Interesting footwear?  You can see they have done this quite a few times.
They smoothed on layers and layers of the finish. 
The final coat was rubbed and sponged smooth.
It looks so wonderful all white and smooth!
The construction fence was put up and the water hoses turned on!  So exciting!  The diamond brite has to finish curing under water -amazing stuff we have learned!
I worked on the quilt for our bedroom-these piles mark the halfway point!
I dyed some white muslin for the backing of the Psalms quilt, loaded it on the frame
and will get to the quilting tomorrow.
Almost done with David's requested socks.
Just had to give it a test dip.....


  1. WOW! Even in the pictures, the finish is beautiful.

    I can't believe you're already halfway done with your quilt blocks!

    David wants you to know that he's really happy that you're almost done with his socks.

    Abigail wants you to know that she's really glad the pool is almost filled up.

    Lots of excitement around the ole homestead!

  2. I can feel the excitement mounting!


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