Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Neighborly Visit

Our neighbors recently brought home this couple.  Today they surprised me and the cats, with a visit!
Aren't they beautiful?!  I wanted to hear their call but other than a little bit of clucking they didn't talk too much.
I finished plying the second skein of the mystery wool .  Now I have to dye the sample skein I made so that it matches these so I will have a total of 550 yards of this yarn.  Since the sample skein is already yarn and not able to be spun dyed, it will be interesting to see what I can do so that it will blend in with these.  Another day's adventure.....


  1. How fun...an exotic bird pair to look pretty in your piece of paradise, and you don't even have to house and feed them! :)

  2. I'd go for the clucking, I find their calling voices in stark contrast to their beautiful feathers:)) we met one in the zoo in spring - who was extremely keen to feed on our biscuits!
    good luck with dyeing a match for your yarn!

  3. Your blog may be called Delighted Hands, but God has blessed you with a delighted life.

  4. They are very pretty and I agree with Marsel even nicer when someone else has to feed and house them.

  5. Yeah...clucking is good. Screeching...not so much, lol!

  6. I find the yarn more beautiful than the birds, what will it become? I can't believe the exotic things that show up in your yard. All we have is squirrels!

  7. My brother had 6 pairs of them, they were really talkative at 5:00am. The first time I heard the screeching I nearly jump out of my bed, they can be really loud, especially during mating season, but they are beautiful to look at. Enjoy it!


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