Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sewing and Weaving

 I pulled the plant fiber samples off the loom, serged the ends and took this picture then tossed it in the washer.
 I finished clue two of the mystery shawl.  This is about 12" now at the spine of this semi-circlular shawl.
 Next, I warped up some of the mohair I got in NY on the rigid heddle loom.  I placed the colored yarn on the warp and am using plain brown for the weft.  I think there is another skein of each of these so I can reverse it for the next scarf-just to see how it would change the outcome.
 This is a very slow weave, the term 'hairy' warp has a new meaning!  Each shot of the weft has to be laid in place and then the warp must be combed to convince it to let go of its neighbor so I can throw another weft thread.  (The use of the word throw is a misnomer because I am not going fast enough to call placing the weft thread a throw!)  While it might seam tedious, the project is satisfying.  This is a very soft yarn and it will make a very pretty scarf.  I haven't made a single scarf yet since I started weaving and so this is very pleasing on every level-color, texture, interest and mental involvement....
 When the cloth came out of the dryer, I could see that the use of different fibers produced an uneven shrinkage rate I hadn't forseen.  Since this cloth was going to be used for pillows, I just made them smaller than I originally planned but if I had wanted a tablerunner, I would have been sorely disappointed!  Live and learn.
 Three 12" pillows now reside on the couch!  I like the new way to display the yarn! 
 This afternoon, I was back in the sewing room making 30 satin graduation sashes for a college in NY.  This
is an annual sewing job for me.  Nyki helped me with the various steps, always checking my progress.  I cut them out and sewed them all today and will finish these on Monday trimming and turning them all right side out and on Tuesday, they will all need pressing so I can mail them out.
Bill was up on the roof today, installing his latest find from Craig's List; solar panels to heat the water for the pool.  He got 5 of the 7 panels installed before I called him in for dinner.  The nights have been cool (53F) which has cooled the pool down to around 73F, which means it is too cold for us to swim.  The days are still very comfortable at 88F so we will use the daytime sunshine to bring the temp up in the pool-hopefully to around 80F so we can swim again!  Well, that is the plan anyway!


  1. Wow! Could not imagine weaving mohair, seems like a long process but glad you're enjoying it.

    The thought of a mystery shawl scares me! All that work and you don't even know what you're getting.

    Glad to see Nyki helping you again.

    I think you should get another cat.

  2. The pillows turned out great, even if slightly different from your original plan! I love the subtle color differences.

    The scarf looks pretty, too -- bet it feels delicious.

    Hooray for Dad's progress! David can hardly wait to swim at Thanksgiving...I think I will wait until the water is closer to 90 again. :)

  3. very courageous, mohair as a warp! I don't think I'd have the patience for that...
    and it's funny - you talk about swimming outside, while we are down to not more than 10 deg. C during daytime:))
    and your pillows look good, despite the uneven shrinkage!

  4. Oh, I really like your pillows! They look so nice and cool... and you spun the yarn and wove them, which makes them extra special. Now, of course, Nyki, with all his lovely black fur, needs to claim one for his naptime, and all will be complete. :)

    The idea of swimming in an outdoor pool this time of year seems so alien. Great job getting solar panels, though. With them will you be able to swim year round?


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