Sunday, October 31, 2010

Colors of October

The aloe is getting ready to take another growth spurt-see the few dried leaves around it...
The hibiscus continues to put out new blooms daily.
This window is framed in tropical beauty....roses, palm tree and bouganvillea.
Bill's winter garden.
A curse that excells in the Fall-sand burrs....
see what I mean!  You have to do a foot and sole check before you come in the house because they attach to your sneakers/flip flops most unwelcome!  (And painful!)
Oranges and grapefruit are getting large and inviting!
I don't know the name of these; there are lot's of them in the back wild part of the property.
The camphor trees are dropping some leaves and ripening their berries.
Along the north boundary of our yard, there grows the most beautiful moss.
It grows in several places along our worm fence line. 
Also neighbor to the moss is this lichen.  The drought doesn't seem to be bothering this plant.
Even here, in the best place in the world, there is ragweed.  The bees are happy with its presence...
Our Maple trees are acting like it is Autumn even if our temperatures do not.
The East Palatka Holly tree berries are ripening.  (The berries will be a welcome feast to the robins next month!)
I couldn't resist this additional shot of the lichens.
The Dogwood tree is just beginning to yellow.
The magnolia tree is magnificent-the bronze/green contrast would make a beautiful yarn...
I hope you enjoyed your visit to this Northeastern part of Florida!  Use this link to visit all the others who join in this monthly tour.


  1. I can't believe how green your garden still is! here most trees are bare now and apart from the pink nerines and a few stray fuchsia flowers this is it for us - for a while. soon the hamamelis and other winter flowering shrubs will start - and with today's change to wintertime I can't wait to see their friendly yellow flowers!

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if that lichen will give color on wool...

    Nice colors you have - funny to see flowers and turning maple leaves all together.

  3. The little yellow flowers are coreopsis. They're super easy to grow and make a nice natural dye.

  4. Thanks for sharing your colors this month and throughout the year!! It's been great to have your participation in the challenge!

    Just as I was starting to envy your Florida location, you included the sand burr photo!! Thanks for reminding me that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence!

    Looking forward to seeing what grows in the winter garden!



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