Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Feet on Floor!

I haven't felt like I was up to sewing the shoulders and pick up the button band stitches.
But I felt like I could last night.  
And then I promptly sewed both fronts on backwards.
I didn't discover it until I had started picking up stitches on the second front and I had this armhole on the front neckline.....
Ripping out stitches for the shoulders was a LOT of fun!
But I  did it and seamed it again and picked up the stitches on the front bands again 
and now I can get going on this sweater finish!!!! 
 I did give myself a bit of a reward...
I cast on this new pair of fingerless mitts because I was intrigued with the construction!
It is brilliant.
I had planned on dyeing the yarn first as it is a skein of the Bare Hare by KnitPicks;
it is so delicious in my hands while knitting!
But I didn't want to wait to cast on so they will get a kettle dye when I am finished!
I decided to go with an easier border arrangement for the leftover scraps from the Quilt of Valor.
I just might be able to sew this together in a few days now!


  1. How frustrating to be on the last front section before you noticed the error: I'm glad you persevered.

    Martina Behm has delightful patterns.

  2. Argh .... some days it doesn't pay to pick up the needles! ;-)

    Those new mitts are really cute. Sounds like you will be using them as soon as they are finished to. Brrrrrrrrr... Keep warm and happy knitting.

  3. Oh NO! That's what i fear when i am finishing garments. I so dread the thought that I am going to have to undo it. Im so sorry!!
    Your mitts are darling. Keep telling us if the pattern in perfect and if it is I may have to SAVE it.

  4. I have done that very thing with the fronts. It is not pleasant. Those mitts are really interesting. I can't wait to see them done. I like the idea of knitting first and dyeing later. White is so much easier on the eyes.

  5. Yikes! I might have trashed the whole project. Those mitts look so interesting...let us know!!

  6. ...pounding head against wall...😖 Glad you conquered — and moved on to some well-behaved things!

  7. Ugh! I have done the same thing. Or how about making to right fronts instead of a left, I have been there too!


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