Thursday, December 28, 2017

ReMake BFL Socks

 These socks are finished and ready for wearing again!   
 Such a nice and warm pair of handspun woolen socks!
I had knit these a year ago (or more)  but did not like the feel of the thicker yarn between my toes!
I snipped the yarn above the toe and unraveled them since this was a toe-up knit originally,
 it was an easy job. 

 When I finished knitting the grey socks on the way home yesterday,
 I picked up the stitches on this pair and knit a regular toe down and Kitchener-ed the stitches closed!   Now I will get to wear this nice pair of cold weather socks!


  1. That is quite an operation! But the yarn is beautiful so the socks are totally worth it!

  2. Good job on making them more wearable! They sure are pretty colors!

  3. Well you made THAT Sound easy! i could never. IT would have been toast for sure

  4. You are so good! The colors are great. Way to make it work!

  5. The reworked socks look great — no one would ever know! We miss you, but are happy to picture you enjoying being at home, too. ❤️


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