Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hard Labor!

 I have been working for days on this chimney.  
(and my sore throat is back with a vengeance!)
The front is finished and so am I!  
It was so labor intensive-I needed a spa;  if only....
 I put out my tall front door trees....the wreath is also hung there now. 
My Christmas cacti are all in bloom-a wonderful addition to my decor!
 I am really paring back on the decorations this year! 
 Not for reasons of being a Grinch but because of the work!
 Now these are my latest creations with rope-real cotton rope this time!  
(They are both about 10" across and 6' and 8" tall)
 After being inspired by Pintrest, I tried a few fancy 'holes' in my side walls.   
     I also experimented with securing the end of the rope when finishing. 
     This basket has grey in the top and bobbin thread for a shadowy grey tint to the basket.
I used only white in this one but played around with the holes. 
 I used only 50' for each basket.
I was thinking they would work for yarn bowls also-and big enough for a few yarn cakes, 
needles and pattern!  I much prefer this kind of 'work' any day!!!


  1. Love the hole in the basket - it would make a nice yarn bowl.

  2. The chimney, the decor, the them all!!!

  3. I agree with Deb, the chimney Fantastic
    the door skinny trees beautiful and so graceful
    And the baskets ! Wow you did well .
    Ho ho ho Santa will be good to yoU!

  4. That’s funny — as soon as I saw the rope bowls, I thought, oooh, they would be perfect for yarn — I guess you raised me right! Lol.

    The chimney work was brutal, I’m sure, but oh, how beautiful!

    Hooray for twinkly Christmas lights! Whether minimalistic or on every surface, they are cheerful and pretty.

  5. You did a great job on the chimney. It looks perfect!
    And love those rope bowls. They are perfect for yarn.

  6. You've been busy! But make sure you take some time to take care of your throat!

  7. Well done on the decorating and the baskets! I love the design on the sides. I am still trying to get into the Christmas spirit, Grinch that I am!


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