Sunday, December 31, 2017

So Long 2017!

As I get ready for church and pile up what I take in the car, 
Lena joins the heap!
She isn't ready for me to leave again!
I assured her of a return for a big winter's nap later today!
(Bill drives and I knit on the 45 minute drive in to church
which is a very nice time for both of us as we talk and sing on the way!)

(If you don't approve of cats on the table, I'm sorry.
I do and so do my cats.
Tables can be cleaned when there is company to eat on them;
I am the sole human occupant for most of the year and I like the company!!)


  1. Me too! It is too much work for me to keep the cats off the table. They don't surf the kitchen counters that's something! I agree, and I wipe the table all the time. Lena is so pretty. Happy Last day of 2017

  2. While I DON'T approve of cats on MY table, Giroux has other opinions about it. A cat will go where a cat will go. LOL So, we have a cat on the table, a cat on the counter, a cat in the bathtub (who knows why) and a cat almost always at my desk with me.

    Wishing you and Bill a very happy 2018!

  3. I don't particularly like having our cats on the table, but I am clearly not the boss here! They spend as much time on the table as they want!

  4. My cats never get up on things like Daughter's cats do. I am not sure why. Now what they do when we are asleep or not home is another thing. I see some evidence from time to time that they are not so well mannered when on their own.

  5. If you like cats on the table well then it is just fine. Happy New Year!

  6. How can you not come back when there is a face like that waiting for you!

    Dave and I argue over cats on the table. I say yay, he says nay...then I say... good luck with that!


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