Wednesday, December 13, 2017


 Might I mention that this is an incredibly wonderfully organic creative process!!!!!
The slightest angle on the row you are sewing and you can get a whole different look!
It is far less messy then the coiling we did in pottery class!
I love the subtle shading of the thread color.
And I tried to make different shapes for the 'holes' this time.
When there is only one, it shapes the rim asymmetrically which is interesting.
When you try to center a swirl on each end, it is a bit interesting to line them up
 but it makes both ends lift up and look like handles.
I am working on a graceful ending for the baskets, too. 
I am going to be making these for quite a while-
they satisfy the a lot of creative aspects with a relatively fast turnaround.
I love containers-and so do a lot of knitters-it must be that left/right brain balancing act!!!!


  1. you must have infected me with that roping/basket business:) I couldn't resist ordering a large cone, when I ordered some yarn... not here yet, but I can see ropy times coming up for me after christmas:) meanwhile I keep checking out your ideas for it!
    enjoy all your crafty endeavours - looking forward to a pic of the finished sweater!

  2. That is just fascinating! I need to watch a video of how that is done. I am just not getting it.

  3. Love them. I love rope baskets. And you're right, knitters love containers. I know I do! I have a little one that I used to use for sock knitting, but now, it sits on my nightstand with little balls of scrap sock yarn, with extra dpns sticking out. hehe.

  4. Beautiful!

    I think you are right .... baskets, rope bowls, pottery bowls, plastic bins . . . we crafters love them ALL!

  5. I have a thing for baskets. When we go to antique shops, I always seem to come home with at least one!

  6. You definitely passed on your love-for-containers gene to me — I hate parting with anything that could hold something else! Lol. This is so pretty. I love the subtle swell over the handle area. It’s cotton rope, right? So would it dye nicely?

  7. I think they are wonderful. I can just see some beautiful yarn in them. Have fun.


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