Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wrapped it up!

 We put the new place mats to use for our roast beef dinner last night!
 Early in the day I finished a pair of Tough & Toasty mitts for my daughter and she finished a pair of socks.  
 After our slow and comfortable start of the day, we got to work re-covering all eight of the dining room chairs;  they sure look more modern than the old gold and burgundy tapestry seats!
 When we finished the chairs, I refreshed daughter's memory on plying her singles so she will have some yarn!  
 She picked it right up without a problem;  I cheered her on but she didn't need much tutoring!
Ta-da!  A 78 yard skein of superwash/nylon awaits its second matching skein...she is spinning it right up!


  1. Oh my gosh you are productive. I love Ta Da! Is that the name of your skein? haha

  2. Between you and the local fiber guild ladies, I am tempted to learn how to spin. (I already have too many crafts) Your daughters' yarn looks fabulous.

  3. The placements are perfect! Love the crafting start to the day, definitely the best way to recover from the flurry pace of the holidays. The upholstery you chose is really nice! I love it. Enjoy your time together!

  4. That yarn is gorgeous. Well done on the chairs, I think I need to do mine very soon. Hugs to you.


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