Sunday, December 24, 2017


Abigail had really grasped the sewing and designing skill!
Barbie will be getting a whole new wardrobe!
(that's David in the background!)
 This tunic top almost beat us but we persevered!
 Here's another area of perseverance-Abigail played second piano for church this morning!
 Our oldest grandson, David, ushered during the morning service!
 And our souls were uplifted by the sermon's message by our son-in-law, Pastor McKee!
 We took time for a family photo after church!
The rural area in which they live is filled with pastures, paddocks and lovely old civil war era buildings!
(the roof was updated more recently but I still love spotting these old treasures!)


  1. Abigail did a wonderful job on Barbie's new outfits. Those pieces are tiny!

    Enjoy the remainder of your visit.

  2. Lovely family photo. I know you must have been so proud to see the grands serving!!!

    Love that old barn's one of the things I love about living where we do. LOTS of pre-Revolution buildings and old, old farms.

  3. I used to love making clothes for my Barbie. It's amazing that she is such a big thing after all these years. I had Midge and Skipper too!

  4. It has been wonderful to have you here — and we’re not done yet! Merry Christmas! (Hurry up and wake’s Christmas morning!!!) 😊


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