Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hat Distraction!

 I needed a hat for my Seattle son-winter temperatures have hit hard there 
and since he works outside, he needed some insulation!  
 It is knit from an old ball of Universal Yarn Inc, Classic Shades which is a single ply worsted weight yarn.   I knit over 100 stitches in K2, P2 on #8 needles.  It worked right along.
I decreased out the purl stitches first and then reduced the knit for a nice smooth and round crown.
I will send it out in their Christmas box today!  

Now I am ready to work on my sweater again -I am so close to a finish on that!
And I found what I was doing wrong on the mitts-I am in the knitting groove again!


  1. That's just a wonderful guys hat. Thanks for the recipe ! love the colorway

  2. Always nice to have a nice, simple knit once in a while!

  3. That's a beautiful finish on the top of that hat. I always hate how most of them look.

  4. The hat is just beautiful. The way you did the top is elegant!

  5. Wow, I love the hat, especially how the crown looks with the decreases you used.

  6. That hat will look great on his big ole head — it will make the green of his eyes really stand out! Don’t you wish you could hand it to him yourself and give him a big hug? — I am really missing him!

  7. It is a great hat, he is going to be toasty warm.


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