Thursday, December 7, 2017

Parts of a Whole

I have finished knitting all of the parts for the Drift cardigan!
Usually I sew all the parts together and then block it 
but I decided I would try it this way so that I could block each piece according to the schematic.
  It was also easier to make sure all the parts were matched this way. 
 Once dry, I have to sew it at the shoulder seams and then pick up and knit the front button bands.  

I was slammed with a migraine first thing on Tuesday and still dysfunctional yesterday.
Migraines are such thieves of time.
Now today I have to go for an MRI to check the progress of the MS.
Too bad I can't knit while in that tube for hours!


  1. On top of my cold I had migraine too yesterday. Ugh...
    The sight of that sweater blocking makes me happy. I blocked my last one that way too, in pieces and it went together so much easier.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Oh my --- hours for an MRI?? I had one that only took a few minutes and not moving almost drove me crazy. YOU KNOW my nose had to itch about 2 minutes in.

  3. When I knit sweaters in pieces, I always block before seaming. It makes seaming so much easier!

    MRI for hours is not fun. My longest one was about 45 minutes. I actually don't mind them much. I usually just close my eyes and day dream. At my last one, the tech kept checking on me because he was worried I'd passed out. He said he'd never had anyone so calm and still.

  4. It must be gratifying to have your sweater at this point. You'll be wearing it in no time.

    I can't imagine having an MRI after a migraine - all that pounding would drive me over the edge. Praying for good news after your test(s).

  5. Best of luck getting through the MRI and wishing for good results. I don't usually mind MRIs, but one for hours might just set me off! The sweater looks great!

  6. Just said a little prayer for you. Im so sorry. Feeling bad is suffering and it seems so pointless
    Your perfect blocking is admirable. WOW

  7. It will be fun to see the magic happen as this puzzle is put together!

  8. Your sweater is so beautiful. So sorry about the migraine, I have them too. Not only do they steal time, they steal your brain capacity. I am scatter and loopy for days afterward. Hope you are better now.


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