Friday, December 22, 2017

Sew a Seam or Two... Heart to Heart

 Abigail and I set up her new sewing machine and put it and her through the paces today!
 We picked out fabric from Mom's stash and pressed and stitched 
and created a thread catcher/pincushion for her to use for future projects! 
 What a wonderful way to spend a day...
In the evening, I managed to finish the foot of the sock and turn the heel!  I hope to bind off the leg soon!


  1. So sweet to see you and your daughter sewing! I couldn't love my daughter more, but it would be nice if she was a bit crafty. She isn't though! At least she appreciates things I sew for her.

  2. That is just so sweet to be able to share your crafts with the Grands. I tried to teach the older Grand to spin this summer but he was more interested in taking the wheel apart to see how it worked.

  3. And *sew* it begins for a new generation!!! Looks like Abigail did a fine job on her scrap catcher!

  4. You are teaching her more than a skill, you are creating great memories

  5. What a lovely day for you and her! Fun!!

  6. Abigail's smile tells the whole story: she had a great time!

    Your Dad's sock looks fabulous.

  7. She looks so proud! A perfect way to spend the day that is for sure.


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