Thursday, August 21, 2014

Going Bananas

 I purchased some fiber called Banana Silk and dyed it , well, banana color!  I think a pretty little scarf will result from this eventually!
 On the way out to take one of my daily excursions, I realized I've never photographed this flower Bill planted by the gopher turtle hole where he doesn't mow.  It is called a Candelabra Cassia and it stands almost 5' tall.
 The flowers are very pretty and you can see why this is named candelabra...
 This is the second grove of banana trees Bill has started.  Hoping to have fruit on them next year.
 Another member of the banana family-a Banana Spider!  I met her down a side path!  I did stop before I ran into her rather large and strong web!  She is a bane to lawn mowers because her web is so strong and sticky .  I tried to capture the color of the web-also a very bright yellow like her!  She is about 4" in size, non-poisonous but might cause a heart attack from the fright!
 You can see her elaborate web work-it covers a 6' by 4' area.
 When I took Bill back to see what I had discovered, we saw her with a yellow moth!  She had made a good job of cocooning him for a snack later on.
I am glad they do not like peoples.........!


  1. Those cassias are pretty. I think they're in the same family as jacaranda and royal poinciana.

  2. Oh good golly! I'm never complaining about our spiders again. This time of year, as soon as you go out of the door you are covered in webs but they are nothing compared to yours. I do admire spiders but I don't like to be wearing them.

  3. That's some cool stuff! The yarn reminds me of a banana python, though, so it fits the post theme but it's a little creepy! :)

  4. urghs, I agree with having a heart attack of fright:) it's not as if I suffer from arachnophobia, but when they are this size... maybe I do:) and I have some banana fibres to spin here myself, but they are so shiny that I would only use them as accents (I think there are different fibres available)

  5. It will be interesting to read about how banana silk knits up!

    Good job you didn't run into that web!


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