Friday, December 2, 2016

Got Yer Back

 I like to use my leftover(s) blocks on the back of my quilts for added interest.
I tackled the pile of tops today.  These were small lap quilts and pretty straight forward.
 I like the horizontal setting as it is easier to load on the frame also.
 I didn't want to waste any of the bridges and lighthouse blocks I collected on the Shop Hop.
I put my least favorite blocks on the back so they could still be included.
I used a few strips of leftover fabric to separate the blocks and sewed them together.
                                     After trimming, I cut the backing apart to add the blocks.
                 And added the 'new' adjusted strip back into the place for the souped up backing!
                                                  Now it goes from, "ehh" to "yeah!"


  1. I thought that was such a strange concept the first time I saw it, but now I'm a big fan, too! Those quilts certainly are lovely.

  2. Very very nice backs. Quilting looks so lovely

  3. I love pieced backs. They make a quilt a work of art.


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