Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Do it Again!

I took the borders off the sides...I had to piece the fabric because the wallhanging was longer than the fabric and it really stuck out to me in a bad way!
I cut off the sections on top and added the solid black at the bottom-much better! 
 And we took Lena back to the Vet today-the 'good' vet.  He removed the temporary cast the other man had placed on there and it was a good thing he did!  The swelling from the puncture wounds had cut off circulation and the guy made the cast too long and it pinched her toes so that one toenail actually pierced the toe next to it!  Can you imagine if we listened to him and waited one week until the next visit?!
 Lena is back in a splint until the swelling leaves her leg and the wounds are healed.  And the good news-there is no amputation as a possibility!  Our Vet says that even if the ankle does heal with some stiffness, it will heal and she will adjust just fine!  Yes!
I caught her in the middle of a yawn!...She is still sleepy because sedatives make a girl droopy!<3 p="">
I'm knitting a cowl I saw on a friend's blog;  it is perfect for handspun  yarn while you are nursing a kitty back to health!   (The Ghazal Cowl)


  1. Poor little thing! At least you know you've got a good vet there!
    Give her a little snuggle for me.

  2. That color combo is very pretty --- sand and SEA!

    Oh Lena ---- she will work her way into EVERYONE'S heart! I'm so glad you were there to take care of her.

  3. Oh, the drama with that poor baby. She looks pretty content though. She probably feels better than you do! Pass the sedatives....

  4. pretty girl! it's nice of you to take care of her like that - we had a "butcher" vet like that once with our first dog here, never again! I don't know why they even become a vet, if they don't like or at least care much for animals?:( I hope Lena will be up and running soon, it sure feels good to be able to help them get back on their feet - literally:)

  5. What wonderful news. !!!! I trust my vet so much that I hesitate to try a new one in our new state. Kristine is very methodical and likes the body to heal itself when it can.


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