Friday, December 9, 2016

Another Stall

 I interrupted the cursed vest knitting to make this little hat!  Isn't it just so sweet!?
I used yarn on hand in DK weight on #3 needles, the pattern is the Striped Aviator by Linda Whaley.
This is the 1-2yr size.  (Little Ethan needs his ears covered in this morning chill lately!)
I was all set in bed to knit on this vest when Stormy crawled up for a snooze so I couldn't interrupt her, right?!
I am making headway on the vest, though;  I am knitting around the armholes in rib.   I hope to have it off the needles tomorrow and onto the blocking board Monday!!!!
Bill and I put the glass doors on the fireplace finally.....
these things take time, you know!
Now it isn't smokey or too hot in the house when we burn it to take the chill out of the morning or evening!


  1. I love your hat! On 3s? Great idea for that weight

  2. So cozy! It's cold here but we haven't had to chimney cleaned in a while so I vetoed any fires until we get it done.
    That hat is adorable! I love those flaps.

  3. That hat is very the stripes and the colors! And the fireplace is beautiful...

  4. What is with cats and our knitting???? LOL Giroux has fallen in love with our knitted blanket. Unfortunately, he wants to knead it and he's making pulls in it. :-(

    That little aviator cap is so cute. Love the colors you chose.

  5. That is one adorable little guy -- and the hat is cute, too!
    Knitting does seem to be a cat magnet.


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