Monday, December 12, 2016


 FINISHED AND DONE! And no, it does not fit but I am done with this vest so it is good.
It is 40-42" for the bust and hip.
It is going to be a very nice cat bed.
Enough said about that. 
 As I was weaving in the last ends yesterday afternoon, Bill says here, Merry Christmas!
He found it scooting behind things in the garage.
When we actually looked her over, we found a big problem with her hind leg;  it was definitely on backwards.
She and I bonded at first hug.
She is not feral;  abandoned and underfed-God sent her to us to love and care for her.
After the first vet appointment today, he determined she is a she, is about 20 weeks old and about 1/2 the weight she should be.  At the rate she is eating, we will have that taken care of in short order!
The leg is in a splint, more work to be done tomorrow for repairing the broken bone(s) which were caused from a bite-the puncture wounds were very apparent after he shaved her leg so he could splint it.  But the medicine is working its miracles and she actually played with my yarn as I knit with her on my lap!  I was very happy to see her play.
(Remind me of this when she does some serious yarn mischief in the future!)


  1. I look forward to seeing documentation of that yarn mischief!!! They are just too cute when they are making mischief.

    Good luck tomorrow with her dr. appt. I know she'll be very loved and happy in your home!

  2. Oh, my goodness what a story! Poor, poor kitty but so lucky to be found by you.
    So sorry about the vest. I've got one on the needles that I know is too small too so I am in no hurry to finish it.

  3. Nice to clear that pesky vest off of your lap and fill it with a sweet kitty cat instead -- so there! (Arnold-1; the system-0!)

  4. Oh my - what a sweetie! They certainly come to us for a reason. Little kitty just hit the jackpot!


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