Tuesday, December 13, 2016


.Little Lena was put through the miseries of an early morning xray and exam.  This vet might've had more expensive equipment but he didn't have many people skills.
Yeah, she's in rough shape from the bite, broken leg and infection but saying it would be best to get her leg off right away was a bit much.
We told him we would like to treat her and try to set the leg to try it that way first.
We had a cat in similar straits 30 years ago and he turned out fine!  I at least would like to try to help her keep the leg, right?  I would've thought a vet would also.
Back to our country vet tomorrow for a game plan.
Upsetting to both of us. 
 I came home with a splitting headache and went to the quiet of the studio.
I turn all those churning feelings into something beautiful.
'Cardinals' is now ready for the quilting frame as soon as I get to work on the lighthouses!
 I did begin to quilt the top by working out the design for the borders and now I have to
figure out the blocks-it's a fine line between the necessity of quilting lines to hold the whole thing together and accenting the block without overwhelming them.
It will come. 
Lena slept, ate and went to the litter box without much else except for hugs.


  1. Oh, how stressful for you. Poor baby. I'm glad to had something to de-stress with. They both look great.

  2. Poor baby...hope she mends well and quickly.

    The cardinals are breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  3. Poor baby...hope she mends well and quickly.

    The cardinals are breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  4. I love how she is so secure with you. Look at that sweet relaxed posture. I look forward to watching her "grow up". Hopefully, the country vet will be a little more conservative with her treatment.

    The first vet we took Giroux to wanted to remove all his teeth because he *might* have problems down the road. Well, his teeth are fine now. His gums were a mess when we got him because he was malnourished. I think he is much happier WITH his teeth!

  5. Wow. I'm surprised the vet went straight to amputation!
    When we found Tux's tumour, I was the one who brought up amputation, asking if it would be better to take the whole leg. The vet said probably, but she didn't like to remove limbs if she didn't have to, so she said "lets try to remove the tumour, but prepare for amputation if that's not possible."
    Sure enough, I got the call halfway through the surgery that amputation was going to be the only way (after removing the tumour, there wouldn't be enough skin to cover the wound on his paw, so it wouldn't have healed).
    My vet is a country vet though, and I do find they are much different than city vets (not to mention more reasonable fees!). It's the reason we've stuck with them even though it's a 30 minute drive for us now.

    Lena looks quite content with her little cast. I think she'll do just fine!

  6. Prayers for little Lena. Good girl to use her box! She looks comfortable....


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