Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Birthday Friday!

This is what I knit on the way to meet Matthew, Ashley and Will and Ethan to celebrate Ethan's first birthday at a pre-opening of the St Augustine Aquarium!
I used to have a whole bunch of these sweaters for the bear I made but through the years, the wool has lost its luster!
I can't find my notes for making the pattern top down but it is working out so far! 
 We woke up to a very chilly and windy Florida day.  I know all you northerners will scoff at our fussing but the 51F day really threw us since it was 80 the day before!  This has a really great story behind the idea for this new attraction and we wish them the best.  The real opening isn't until April but they have a tank you can pay to snorkel and swim with the butterfly fish...'s a terrible pic but you get the idea.  We stood and watched the fish swimming by and then Will saw a blue one and yelled, "There's Dory!"  Too cute.
No swimming with these guys but you can pay to feed them!  These are nurse sharks and it is really neat to see them up close and admire their muscles and see the fin break surface just like 'real' sharks!
We stopped a passerby to snap this family shot!
See the boys in their matching hats?!
They are so cute!
We were really bundled up for us!
We went to the nearby outlet mall because they have a wonderful NY style pizza-just what we needed to warm us up.
Ethan knew just what to do with his presents (Christmas taught him well!)
Will did wonderfully letting Ethan have the spotlight.
Sweet boys. 
 Very cute cake and Ethan knew just what to do with it-

 ...grab a handful and eat it!
And once home , I had a cup of hot cocoa to warm up and then began the hat for Eli because the yarn came in the mail and I didn't want it to get old........


  1. One already! Where does the time go? It looks like he had a great time-especially with that yummy cake.

  2. The last sentence of this post made me chuckle! Eli will look adorable in those blues.

    Nice that you had a fun day together!


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