Thursday, December 29, 2016

Just a Few Stitches

 Bible cover take 2 -  I love the color of this one!
 The walking foot sure makes the quilting lines a cinch!
 After putting away all the Christmas decorations, I needed a bit of a perk in the family room-nothing like a very quick pillow cover to do just that!
This is the fastest way to make a pillow cover there is-no zipper or hand sewing!
I use the tri-fold method;  cut the width of the fabric by the pillow length plus one inch.
You just hem the two selvedges, fold the pillow in thirds so that the overall width is now the size of the pillow form and stitch across the top and the bottom.  (No need to leave an opening  to turn because the hemmed section allows you to turn it right side out!  Brilliant!)
I turn it right side out, poke out the corners and press and for an added touch, stitch around the whole perimeter with a 1/4" seam allowance for a faux piping.
This is so simple, you can make some for every season or whenever you need a perk in the room!


  1. I did that once with the pillows for the couch and they all shredded at the seams in spite of using pricey home decor material. That trick of faux piping would have really helped to avoid the wear and tear on the actual seams I think. Next time.

  2. So cute. Such a great pick me up. The tree is still up here. Im too blue with the kids leaving to take it down yet. I try hard to continue in the HOliday spirit through New Years. Today though in the grocery store with Holiday music playing I kind of wanted to cry.....then it started snowing softly as if to calm my heart. :)

  3. That decides it: I'm definitely getting a walking foot!

  4. The orchid fabric on your Bible cover is beautiful!

  5. I love little pick-me-ups around the house at this time of the year! Very nice!

  6. the colour is very summery - wouuld be a good contrast to our drab grey weather just now! only - I am not allowed to take down christmas deco before the 7th of January - so the turquoise would "bite" nicely with the christmas greens and reds here:)


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