Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dropped Out!

  I celebrated my birthday this week.  I designated it a complete day of rest.
I laid in my recliner and watched old movies, Star Wars episodes and some Shakespeare!
It was a perfect day!
When she wasn't eating yarn and needles, she took naps by me!
Aren't these beauties?!   
 The whole front porch is blooming!  Every little branch or leaf that fell off during the year, Bill stuffs into the nearest plant.  Almost all of them have become little hitchhikers and they are all blooming!

 I finished painting my cardinal and hung it up in the gallery (hall).

 Yesterday I also stopped whining and entered the kitchen for some baking! 
 It's awful to want Christmas cookies but not feel like making them!
 I got the job done and have enjoyed the nibbling throughout the day!
I don't know about you but we have a loose rule about cats on the dining room table.
We are usually pretty forgiving of the kittens but once grown they are supposed to not hang out there.
Bill didn't like the kitten on the table but she comes up to be near me when I eat or have laptop time.
This is my idea of a compromise!
The kitten isn't ON the table, she is on her own special mat which just happens to be on the table.
Bill agreed that is was a compromise!
He has mellowed in his advancing years!!!!


  1. belated happy birthday from me! sounds like you had a perfect day:) and I think you have to make allowances for the frail and injured (cats!) - the only problem is that they tend to get used to preferential treatment very quickly:)
    and I know all about those christmas cookies - I've been procrastinating for weeks, but somehow christmas doesn't feel right without at least a few homemade varieties on the plate! so I have been dashing about for two days - trying to get as many done as I can in the shortness of time - good thing that it's christmas soon:)
    have a lovely time with your family and happy christmas to you all!

    Bettina (from ireland - where we seem to get another christmas storm - just in time:()

  2. Happy birthday, Cindy!!!

    Little Lena looks like she is very happy and comfortable at your house. Hope she is healing well. It doesn't look like the wrapped up leg bothers her very much.

  3. Happy birthday!!! I didn't know you were a December baby too. I totally get the Christmas cookie dilemma. I made the dough for mine days ago and then didn't feel like making them. I compromised and made a few and darn, they were good. I need to finish up the rest.

  4. Very true. She is not on the table. !!! Love your logic. I too want Christmas cookies but not to make them. I get overly excited at Parties when they have a tray of Christmas cookies. Im all gingerbread this year. Happy Happy Birthday Im so glad you did exactly what YOU Wanted to do. Glad kitty is resting well

  5. Oh look at those spots on her belly!!!!

    Dave and I disagree on cats on tabletops. He's soundly against, so our compromise is no cats on tabletops when he's home!


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