Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Treasure Hunting

 For many years now, I have wanted a metal detector.
Bill surprised me with this complete package and I was thrilled!
We used to live on an 1830's farm in central NY and I was sure we were walking on all kinds of treasures.
 On my first foray here in my own backyard, I got used to the different tones and signals and uncovered these treasures!
This home had a fishing camp here in the 1930's so the potential for coins and buttons was possible.
It was also common practice to bury your trash so I could hope for something from those piles.
What I learned is that our soil (sand) is also iron rich (hence, the orange tendencies that affects our laundry!)  But I did find things and it was very exciting!
The pipe is iron used for plumbing long ago, the middle item is a link of chain and a partial one attached and the find on the right is a fancy hinge!
That one I will save and make a collection of things for a shadow box display!  
Bill did a great job of finding a powerful detector at the lightest weight possible so I could actually use it!  (a  good way to encourage PT for my weary muscles!)
I lasted for one hour of walking, swinging the detector and shoveling my little holes and refilling them so the lawn guy won't scold!
I can't wait to sweep over all our property and then on to my parents!
(and playgrounds, parks and lots of old homes after I get *permission!)
*FL has very strict treasure hunting laws and most state parks do not allow detecting!  Kill joys one and all.   I will have to check for rules for most of my own localities before I take off or my fines will outweigh my treasures! Yikes!)


  1. That hinge is really neat! I can't wait to see your future treasures that you uncover!

  2. How cool! I would never have thought of prospecting in my own back yard. I'm amazed at how interesting your finds are.

  3. I love the hinge! I think this is a great gift. Cannot wait to see your other finds!

  4. That's so fun! I see people with them all the time down at the beach.

  5. Bravo to Dad on a great gift choice! Excited for you to do something that has been on your bucket list for a very long time. :)


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