Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Nutting Stone* Socks

 Yes!  I finally have the pattern worked out where I like what it is doing with the stripes and with the look.  (This is a variation to the Nutkin Sock Pattern)
I have finished the center V all the way to the end of the pattern stitches while beginning the legs of the next inverted V.
This picture was taken under extreme conditions:
 Here are a few outtakes...
This is the grab and run with everything attached to her....
 This is the pounce #2 attempt....
This is the innocent kitten look after a scolding for biting the wooden needle tip!
Yes, she got a big hug after these pictures!!!
*The Nutting Stone is the name of rocks used by Native Americans to break nuts-they were favorite rocks which were used often and saved because they were a good fit and comfortable to the hand.)


  1. Look at that sweet kitty face! The tangled kitty trick is all too familiar here too-as is the tangled doggie trick.

  2. Awww Kitty yarn love. I like the V on the sock very much. Fezzik knew there was wool in a bagunder the Christmas tree on christmas morning. We kept them out of his reach or he would have destroyed it and run with it!

  3. Kittens are so cute even when they're naughty!! Watching variegated yarn develop a pattern as it becomes a sock is so much fun.

  4. the cat might be a yarn monster, but her colouring goes very well with the quilt and the sock yarn:) and those eyes are so hard to resist....


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