Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Polar Bear Club

I have been in a Spring cleaning mode around here-all the windows are sparkling clean and I have been emptying corners and removing clutter!  Be forewarned-don't hold still too long or you might be scrutinized for the dump pile!!!!

Today was a lovely afternoon knit with Mom and Linda;  I started to knit this little hat.  I found the pattern this morning and knew I had an orphan skein in the cotton basket.  Yup, Lion Brand Organic Cotton that was never used.  It was perfect to make a cute newborn hat!
                                         I finished it tonight while watching African Queen!
 And it was a bit of a race but I managed to squeak out a second hat with just a yard to spare!  I love living on the edge!  


  1. Those are the cutest hats ever!
    I love that movie. I named my parrot Rosie after Hepburn's character since Rosie is an African Gray.

  2. Do you know if the hat pattern comes in larger sizes? Like 6 months?

  3. Adorable hat!!!! My husband loves the African queen! We just saw this minute it on tv again. Fireman says the mosquito scene is so fake looking now compared to today's technology. The leech scene he still loves and thinks looks real! haha

  4. Oh I love those hats, I've done a similar one before. I forgot all about this pattern! So cute!

  5. Those are SO cute!!!


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