Saturday, March 27, 2010

All in a Day's Work...

Dad and Bill added the closet doors doorknobs yet but doesn't this just look so pretty?!
One in our room and in the guest room. 
I finished the kid quilt .  It will be in the mail Monday.  I have decided to make one of these each month .
Sock one done and already cast on the second one.  I will dye them when I am finished-trying to decide between lime green and olive green.........
The pool is grounded-see the copper wires?  Since Florida is the lightening capitol of the USA, you have to plan ahead.
We had our morning inspection.  (Yes, it is good we are adding a screened in enclosure....)
Bill was given some Tilapia (4) to put in our pond.
 He has high hopes of stocking this with all kinds of edible fish for our fishing pleasure.  The kids will try to fish here next week when they come for Easter's visit.
I weaving on this dish towel for me.  I have had to learn to make a repair on a warp thread.  Nyki has been swinging under, through and around when I weave and we heard a snap.  It is good practice for me.
 She got a time out.

 ( While it is efficient to use a long warp to do a series of projects, like towels, it is a creative quagmire.  I want to do too many different ideas and I will not repeat a mile long warp again.  It is worth the pain of rewarping several times rather than get locked into the marathon of   S A M E  again.  I'm just recording a lesson, for me and for you!)


  1. Just a typical day in the sedentary, retired life of my mother. :)

    I vote for lime green on the socks -- celebrate summer!

  2. Nice sock pattern! Lime sounds fun...but harder to wear than olive.

    I always love seeing a sandhill crane. I still can't believe you have them in your yard!

    I hear you on the mile long warp. There's some optimal warp length, but I'm not sure what it is!!!


  3. You are one busy lady. I like lime green. Show off those pretty hand knit socks.

  4. As Marsel said, sounds like a typical day Chez Delighted Hands!

  5. Awww, poor Nyki! I guess I'm lucky that Neil always ignored the looms.

    I vote for lime green, too! While olive will go with more stuff, the lime green will look great with jeans and a bright, summery top.

  6. I'm tired, aren't you? There is so much activity there, it's wonderful to see the progress. I like the kid quilt too cute, and the sox rock, but the kitty in timeout is adorable.


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