Friday, March 19, 2010

On the Level

Today, the men took the forms away and backfilled the pool sides then they began the work of leveling the area that will be the decking for the patio. 
Mom and I had a dedicated sewing day.  We put together the quilt tops using the fabric that came from the kits.  What a great day.
 We even ate lunch outside for only the second time since they have been here this winter!  No biting wind, just delicious sunshine.  I will be putting these on the frame as soon as I finish Mom's wall hanging that is on there.
Dad worked on the derusting the roof.  He made quite a bit of racket while we were sewing but it meant he was on the roof and not falling.......... Look at that beautiful sky!
When I came home  this afternoon, I took a nap in the backyard and this is what Nyki did to try and get to me!  She was determined to find a way to get to me! 
Good thing we are going to screen  in the pool area and she will get to play 'outside'!  She will love it!

(Today Bill was in Lake City again, replacing the alternator on Matthew's car which died the other day.  What a day!)


  1. Don't talk to me about quilt tops! :-( Those are really lovely - so neat and all the squares line up! I bet they weren't cut by amateurs wielding scissors!! LOL

  2. Busy day, huh?! The pool continues to be more and more exciting -- did you walk around in it and pretend to swim?! :)

    The quilts turned out nicely; wish I could have done mine with you guys...but hopefully mine will join the band as soon as I finish birthday sewing!

  3. Awww, poor Nyki!

    So, what color is the finished pool going to be?

  4. Great quilt tops!!

    Love the cat at the screen door picture!!!


    PS: Hopefully all my comments in a row won't freak you out and make you think you have comment spam. I'm just slowly trying to catch up on what's going on with everyone's blogs!


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