Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quietness of a Warm Day

We had this little visitor this morning.......he hit the window and was stunned.  We set him in a tree in the sunshine and he took off after a few minutes rest.  I was pleasantly surprised to see we have goldfinches!
I started a new pair of socks.......a few YahooGroup friends are knitting this as a KAL and I am doing it toe up instead of as it is written.  It is a Ravelry pattern if you want to try it. 
The pool has tile all around the edge.  The have finished running the plumbing and electrical wiring.  Now on to leveling the decking!
See what Bill has been working on!   The sinks are getting faucets...
The shower is getting walls, the ceiling is getting light fixtures...
 It is going to be the best bathroom E V E R! 


  1. Glad the bird is okay; he looks very pathetic in the picture!

    Awesome progress on the bathroom -- go, Dad, go!!!

  2. Cute goldfinch - we have finches in Australia but not that one.

    Everything is progressing at a rate of knots at your place now!

  3. Poor bird.... the pool is looking good, I bet you can't wait to use it.

  4. we had a bluetit doing the same a few days ago! I think they see themselves in our bathroom window, when the sun reflects in it and they tend to "attack" the opponent in the mirror:(( luckily they are always ok again after a few seconds...
    you've got a lot of progress to report - when everything is done, you can laze around the pool and enjoy your new feature:))

  5. Yeah! The progress is so exciting!

  6. Poor little birdie!

    I am in love with the color of your bathroom walls. Like a rich chocolate milk. Yum!!!

  7. The birds that hit my window usually don't make it. Glad yours did.

    Bathroom is look great.

  8. Poor little bird!

    So much progress at your house!! It's weird to see pools under construction because it's hard to get a sense of how big they are. Sort of like how the foundation for a house looks small then the frame goes up and the house looks big.

    Keep up all the great work!!! You guys are inspiring!



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